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Thread: The Sportsmanís Repair Exceptional Service

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    The Sportsmanís Repair Exceptional Service

    Did my annual spring trip in May, and trolling motor problems with my Minn Kota PD 55 appeared to seriously jeapordize my musky fishing for the opener.

    I was looking for a replacement, but most vendors didn’t have products available. I called The Sportsman’s Repair, who helped me troubleshoot the intermittent operation issue, and said they could likely fix it while I waited.

    I brought it down from Manitowish Waters the next morning, and they fixed it in less than an hour!

    Thanks to Jim and his crew for superb service! FYI, I caught and released an approximately 50” fish May 29th. Poor pics and video... too bad I didn’t have a partner for camera work!
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    Nice to give credit where it's due, Bruce. Jim and Sportsman's Repair do a great job.
    Steve Heiting

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