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Thread: Shimano TRANX 400

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    Shimano TRANX 400

    I backed my star drag off of my Tranx 400 for winter storage and now I can't get it to re-engage.
    This weekend I began cleaning and lubing my reels per the norm and when I started working on my TRANX I couldn't get the real to engage to spool on new line.
    I took the side plate off to see if the gears meshed and they appear OK, but as I increased (no where near too tight) the drag setting the handle would turn but the spool wasn't.
    Has anyone ran into this issue and do you have any suggestions?


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    My suggestion is what I have done. Send your reel to your local Shimano Service Centre
    and have them look at and service everything while they have it. It really is great for peace of mind. My turnaround in Canada was one week! In addition a worn bearing in my Tranx 500 was replaced.

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