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Thread: Booking a guide - Lesson learned

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    Just got back from 4 nights on the south end of LOTW. Stayed at a resort and inquired about a muskie guide. The resort set it up for us using the resort boat and it had to be prepaid. Guide shows up in the morning with house slippers on, two walleye rods and a small box of jigs. We spend the first two hours catching shore lunch for 5 of us (2 other guys in a follow boat were walleye fishing mostly). Then we set out muskie fishing. My partner hooks a 30 inch pike. Guide sits there. I net it and ask for a pair of pliers - NOTHING. Doesn't have any - none on the boat. Guide takes us along a shoreline. We cover about 200 yards in 45 minutes - he was dragging a walleye rig. After about 20 more minutes, he asks me if the shore line or the islands look better for muskie. By now, I am more than suspicious. So I start gently quizzing him. He doesn't like muskie fishing. He hasn't muskie fished this section of LOTW in 15-20 years. Has no idea of colors that are working, lures that are working, where fish are located, etc. Total waste of an afternoon.

    At the end of the trip, I talked to the resort owner. We can get some sort of "credit" if we come back. No refunds on the trip. I am not normally a complainer and I am also a small business owner, so I wont name the resort. The point is - Do your own research on a muskie guide NEVER let the resort pick. NEVER NEVER NEVER. That was an expensive $400 lesson.

    Happy Fishing.
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    Perhaps the 'resort boat' was the first clue? Plenty of good guides up there with their own boats, sorry you got burned. m

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