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Thread: Eagle Lake Ontario, have you been there

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    Eagle Lake Ontario, have you been there

    SO looking at going to North Shore Lodge on Eagle Lake in Ontario. Anyone fished this area? And what are some must have baits for fishing here? For Muskie, Walleye, Perch, Smallies and Northerns. Appreciate ANY advice you guys might have. Only my 2nd trip to Canada muskie fishing, going in June or July.

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    My advice isn't for that lake - never been - but for your fish list. If you really hope to catch all those species your trip may be disappointing. Best advice I was given in such a case: "Once you get on the muskies, you stay on the muskies!" m

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    You'll have a great trip. I've known Scott for years and he runs a terrific camp. Remember, musky season doesn't open until June 15 this year, so that should narrow down your dates somewhat.

    Bait choices for muskies will vary considerably depending on when you go and the weather once you get there. A cold, late spring will mean the muskies will still be in weedy bays, and smaller bucktails, topwaters and twitched minnowbaits will be the norm. If there is an early ice-out and the water is warm, the muskies will either be transitioning to main lake structure or already there, and bigger baits will rule.

    For bigger baits, if the weather is warm, you'll do well with twin-eights (Mepps Musky Flashabou) up to twin-tens (Cowgirls) and big topwaters. If the weather is cold and windy, you may have to fish a bit deeper with minnowbaits (9" ShallowRaider or 10" Slammer, Grandma, Jake), DepthRaiders and Bull Dawgs.

    The same applies for the other species. A late ice-out and cool water may have you trolling Shad Raps in weedy bays for walleyes, but a warm spring may mean deeper jigging. In July (especially later), you may even catch walleyes that are chasing ciscoes over extremely deep water right before dark. Trolling is the best option in that scenario. You'll probably catch all the pike you want while fishing muskies.

    Best thing you can do is listen to what Scott or his guides recommend, and then do it.
    Steve Heiting

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    I have stayed at North Shore lodge many times. Scott Runs a great camp and is a really great guy and will go out of his way to help you. I have only targeted musky here but we catch Lots of pike every day with out trying. Have got some pike in the 45" range but lots of 24"-36" pike.
    Here are a few Musky Bucktails I would recommend-
    I caught a 54" the last time I was up there on this bait and lots of others. Was good in Double 8's also.
    Caught a lot on Musky 46"-51" On this bait also was good to in double 8's
    Is a good one to had a 50" and 51" in the boat on this.
    Top water has not been good for us the last few years but had some good action on One Eye Willys from Stealth Tackle
    For Crankbaits anything In Perch is good- Jakes, Depthraiders and Triple D's have been good.
    Perch Bulldawgs are good also, Use magnums or pounders for musky and Reg size on the pike.
    There is very very good fishing close to camp at Northshore Lodge you don't have to go very far to find fish. I know the walleye fishing is incredible on eagle also.
    Good luck you will enjoy your trip.
    Jeff Hanson

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