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Thread: Legal Sucker Fishing

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    Legal Sucker Fishing

    My friends are arguing about this again...argh! While fishing alone and using your trolling motor to position yourself; is it legal to have 2 sucker rods in the water, while also casting a bait? Or, can you only have 1 sucker rod out?

    What say you?

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    If you are talking Wisconsin, it varies by county under motor trolling. You need to check the regs for your county.
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    Where I am in Oneida County WI you can only have one sucker rod out if the boat is moving under power. If you anchor, then you can have up to three. And I believe if you simply drift, no trolling motor, no nothing, just letting the current and wind take you, you can have three. But, as soon as you have any motor involved, then you fall under the motor trolling regs for your area.

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