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Thread: Lure Boxes

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    Oh, I dunno. I'm o.l.d. too, and I prolly pack 2-3x that; then end up throwing six of them, find one that works, and get stuck with that one on the rest of the day! I typically drive 2-3 hrs to get to a muskie lake, so I can't just run back to the house for that one that I get this feeling...well, you know. m

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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the input. I am leaning towards special mate.

    Take Care

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    One box I really like is the pedestal box that goes around my butt seat pedestal up front. Keep 6 to 8 favorite lures there, plus it has pockets on the outside where I keep release tools and files. Fishing by myself a lot, it is nice to know just where my long nose pliers are, etc. And the way it is constructed lures dry quickly. Easy to take along if I fish in someone else's boat as well. Not a replacement for a larger box but really nice supplement.

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