Fishing pressure has adverse effects on muskies, both on the muskies’ physical health and in their willingness to strike a presentation. Both of these are concerns for those who want to catch muskies. Estimating and understanding the amount and effects of fishing pressure on individual muskie populations will allow for successful trip planning and tactic choices. This seminar will concentrate on two different subjects: First, tactic and tackle choices to effectively trigger heavily pressured twin cities metro muskies. Second, how to choose and access waters in MN and WI that receive very little musky fishing pressure; on these waters, muskies can still be readily caught on most days with “classic” musky tactics. Seminar to include power point, video, and tackle examples.
Greg Ide
(We sometimes fish with a point system. One point is a follow, 5 points a bite, 10 points a landed fish etc. In the good old days a trip twenty to fifty follows was not unusual on metro lakes. In 2017 I took five straight metro trips without a follow.)