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Thread: Landing Percentage on Medussa

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    Landing Percentage on Medussa

    Right now, my strike to landing percentage on the Medussa is 20%. I am only counting cases where I felt a solid strike and gave a good hookset. Is this a normal percentage? Of course, my percentage on bucktails is way higher--probably 80% or more. Is there any difference in landing percentage between Bulldawgs and Medussas?


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    Not sure about any percentages, but 5 of the top 10 finishers in the St. Clair PMTT last weekend were on Medussa's!

    My suggestion would be to be sure and keep a tight line as you let the lure drop after jerking.

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    I used to have an issue with hooking fish on soft plastics, but that was 20 years ago before no-stretch, braided line. I decided the problem was I wasn't moving the bait in the musky's mouth. What I did then was treat a soft plastic hit like a sucker bite, and after the initial hookset I would reel down tight and crack them again. It greatly increased my hooking percentage and also p---ed off a few fish into incredible fights.

    Since braids were introduced, I haven't noticed any issues. Sharp hooks, set the hook hard on anything that feels different during the retrieve, and get the fish in the net at the first opportunity, all works for me.

    As Larry said, staying in contact with the bait is vitally important, but as with jerkbaits you have to allow some slack to get full movement from the lure. Then, if you feel weight or even the slightest bump when you recontact the bait, set the hook hard.
    Steve Heiting

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