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Thread: Trolling tips needed

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    Question Trolling tips needed

    Hey everyone ! I'm french so sorry for stupid english mistakes :/

    First thing first , i've started musky fishing last year. Caught some fish since then but not a lot. I'm young and I don't have money for something better then my 40 pounds of thrust trolling motor which pushes me at approximately 3 MPH. I know it's not a lot. But I've seen a lot of post of people saying they were still doin well with this speed.. Muskies in my lake are not that big. Nothing realy over 40''. Now my trolling baits are : 10 '' Jake
    10 '' Believer
    8 '' Jointed Believer
    Li'l Ernie
    6 '' Live Target Sucker
    Musky Innovation Shallow Invader
    Rapala Super Shad Rap
    Savage Gear 4play

    The water is also pretty clear in my lake . If you were in my situation and only go 3 MPH which bait would you go ? Any tips regarding trolling are realy appreciated The lake has all depths from 0-60 foot and a lot of weeds/rocks.

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    There's nothing wrong with trolling 3 mph. Of course, there are times when you'll want to go faster (if possible) as well as times you need to go slower. I presume you don't have a gas-powered outboard on your boat; if so, use that for trolling at higher speeds. (A "trolling" motor is kind of a misnomer; rather, it should be called a "positioning" motor.)

    Most trolling in Canada occurs near structure. Your Jake, Believers, Li'l Ernie, Shallow Invader and Shad Rap all have substantial diving lips that can withstand rock collisions, and will work for this. The bait you choose should be based on the depth you want the bait to reach as well as if the fish show any kind of preference. The Shad Rap and Shallow Invader will run shallower than the Jake and Li'l Ernie. Note that the Believers have both shallow and deep line ties.

    If you find substantial baitfish schools in open water, don't hesitate to troll around them. Typically, I want suspended baitfish within 15 feet of the surface because that typically means the food chain is in action. If not, trolling near structure may be a better alternative.

    Use a leader measuring 3-4 feet long. If you're trolling near structure, your line will get abused with a shorter leader whereas a longer leader will prevent most of the abrasion. Also, muskies hooked while trolling tend to roll in the line, and a longer leader prevents cut-offs.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.
    Steve Heiting

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