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Thread: Leader - Top Raider

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    Leader - Top Raider


    Was wondering what the leader is Joe Bucher uses in his TV shows for his Top Raider. I think it is made of piano wire. Is piano wire the same as Sevenstrand wire? What are the components? Anyone have a picture or can describe how it is made?


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    I'm certain Joe uses a leader made by Joe Bucher Outdoors, so it's likely a 164-pound test single strand jerkbait leader, or a 164-pound test premium single strand BB swivel leader. The difference is the jerkbait leader doesn't have a swivel, the latter does.

    Piano wire is not the same thing as Sevenstrand, which is a woven cable.

    Single strand leaders are stiffer than Sevenstrand or fluorocarbon so they're easier to keep out of the water. A flexible leader has a tendency to drag in front of a topwater, completely changing its action.
    Steve Heiting

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