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Thread: Big Mama Obnoxious B

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    Big Mama Obnoxious B

    Anyone fish a big mama obnoxious B? Looks good with a lot of movement and plop.

    Or for those that have tried an obnoxious B, would a topraider produce just as well in similar conditions?

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    Different bait than a top raider with the "Jitter Bug" style lip. It is an effective bait; especially in rough water. I have had success personally with it (2 over 50), I also netted a 54.75 on a modified version of the bait for a friend and know of several other 50's caught on it. Cant state for certain what fish want any given time but the 54.75 I netted ignored the JR Cow Girl I was throwing in in the front of the boat and smoked the one my friend tossed after me... Worth having one IMHO

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