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Thread: reel for a newbie

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    reel for a newbie

    Any thoughts about this reel; Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel?
    I go to Lac Seul 1-2 times a year for walleye but plan on a guided evening musky hunt one night next summer. I don't want spend an arm and a leg; I don't want a reel that is super complicated to use; I don't want a piece of junk. Thanks

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    It's a bass reel that will handle at best 50lb braid. With a 7.1 retrieve, you are looking at small bucktails and spinnerbaits, small.baits in general. Double 8 or 10 bucktails and hard baits over 6" would be a no no. What rod do you plan on using?

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    Not sure about the Pro Max Low Profile but I've been using the AG Lexa 300 models on some of my rods. I like them better than the C3 or C4 round reels. I also have the Lexa 400 7.1 version spooled with 80# braid on a heavy rod and have no problem burning double 10's or working big rubber. Caught my PB (46"+) with it two weeks ago throwing large blades in heavy grass at Eagle River. Just added two more to my growing collection.

    One big drawback about the low profile reels is the handles. They are too small and I've changed all mine out with single power handles. Much easier to fight a fish vs the standard handle.

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