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Thread: Dale Hollow Lake

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    Dale Hollow Lake

    They do have musky. Just a small population there of. Has anyone been to this lake?

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    I have, been a few years. I fished muskie with Fred McClintock, we trolled all day with nary a rip; between Christmas and New Years. I do believe I was bit off and lost my spinnerbait in a weedbed just outside of the KY state dock when smallie fishing the next summer.
    Fred used to have a website where he'd post his clients' catches, but he's retired and moved from the area now. He taught my young son a lot abt smallmouth fishing and I've always been grateful to him for that.
    A well known smallie guide (since deceased) years ago started a campaign against the muskie which resulted in some mortality, but they are still there. And, if you really want some toothy action ,they have some giant gar fish there, too.
    My dad used to speak of that lake with a certain reverence when we lived near Knoxville. m
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