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Thread: Muske Nutz Thanks

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    Muske Nutz Thanks

    Hey Guys and Gals

    We had a light turn out for the outing due to the storms.
    1 muskie was caught and Jerry wins the trophy.
    Thank you to all the people who donated to our cause the club raised $1600 for the Tomahawk fire dept search and rescue.
    It was great to see all the people and share some stories.

    Thanks again
    Wally and the Muske Nutz

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    Thank you, Wally, and all the guys and ladies who put together this wonderful event all these years. You managed to combine a fun time and doing good for the community into a great day. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

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    Absolutely, a big thanks to all who donated to fill the tables. All the diehards who once again helped putting the nuts in the Nutz! Weather was less than ideal, but we've all fished in rain, wind, bluebird sky, or huge heat conditions! I heard there was some serious passing of some adult beverages under the "A" during a minor drizzle? Does anyone want to admit to this or do we give it to the IG when he's done with his current investigations. This gives all the guilty a chance to cop a plea!!!!

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