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Thread: Dream trip to LOTW

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    Dream trip to LOTW

    SO I've asked about lodges to go to on LOTW. NOW I'm gonna take MY dream trip to LOTW next year, WHAT IS or WAS your dream (trip) lodge on LOTW. I'm fishing for muskies and walleyes,(and anything that pulls on my line) and have looked at Tamarack, Grassy Narrows, and many others. Please share any experience you've had on LOTW.

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    My dream trip is more like a dream experiences. I've been making a weekly trip to LOTW for 20 years now. The last 7 with my son. We currently live in NE. He learned to cast, figure eight religiously pick the " right bait" and eventually catch his first....48" now replicated on our wall. Last year he caught his personal best 51.5 and dad caught a 50". His favorite thing to do was holding their tails just before release and watching them swim away. The cabins, meals, newly made friendships, playing cards, storms, sunsets all are unforgettable. My son now has the same passion as me and the bonding developed is priceless. IMO LOTW has never been better...and not just the fishing.

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    Just go. LOTW is a dream trip, and I make it two or three times each season.

    Lots of good resorts. I stay at Sandy's Blackhawk Island. Awesome facility and location, and wonderful people.
    Steve Heiting

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