New to the forum and hopefully soon to musky fishing. Iíve always been a river fisherman chasing perch, bluegill, white bass, pike and a vast majority of the time walleyes on the Mississippi and Wisconsin as well as smaller local rivers. The common denominator has always been targeting fish I really enjoyed eating, and logical or not Iíve always felt like I had to keep enough fish for a meal whenever I went. Iíve always had encounters with musky and have lucked into a few really nice fish over time but was entirely content sticking to the meat fishing Iíd always done. Iím looking to branch into a catch and release dominated aspect of fishing to get me from mid June to fall duck hunting so it was either bass or skis and bass and although smallies are fun bass have never really felt like much of a challenge. Iím from the Chippewa falls area and a majority of what I would be doing is fishing the Chippewa, Eau Claire, flambeau and black rivers and occasionally their impoundments, I do have a boat but really enjoy just wet wading in a pair of shorts for the simplicity and solitude. Iím pretty clueless on what I need but the water Iím interested in is mostly 1-5 ft rocky pools and runs and some shallower weedbeds and smaller bridges on the impoundments that Iíve seen lots of fish on in the past. The timeframe Iíd be targeting musky would be June-late September. With that said what would be a decent basic setup to hopefully gain some success with? If possible Iíd be looking to do it with one rod/reel combo and a half dozen or so baits that I could put in a small satchel for wading.
Thanks in advance,