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Thread: Michigan muskie spearing and survey

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    Michigan muskie spearing and survey

    I received this e-mail message and thought I'd pass it on. Pls consider taking their brief survey. thanks, m

    We in Michigan are currently dealing with a proposal for a Muskellunge spearing expansion on Lake Saint Clair. It's going to be a tough battle for us and we will be looking for support from the region and also the rest of the MINC membership. The Michigan Darkhouse Angling Association is trying to gain support for a limited trial muskie spearing season on LSC and are attempting to distribute a DNR survey to their membership and also publicly in an effort to overload what was supposed to be a small sample from across the state in their favor. If everyone would please take the time and distribute the following survey link to their members and take the five minutes to fill it out it would be greatly appreciated by chapter 47 and chapter 58. Brad Koen may also have some comments on this issue as well.

    Here is the link to the survey

    Nick Day
    Michigan Muskie Alliance Chapter 47 President

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    Thanks, Mikie. It doesn't take long to take the survey, and hopefully it goes a long way to helping the musky fishery in Michigan. If you aren't familiar with the situation, spearing of muskies through the ice is legal in Michigan, and the spearers would like to expand the waters that are open to their practice.
    Steve Heiting

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    I Filled it out only took a minute.
    Hopefully lots of other musky guys do.
    Jeff Hanson

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