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Thread: Picking Next Trip Location?

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    Picking Next Trip Location?

    Hey folks...I'm hoping to just gather some general feedback. My brother and I go yearly to Ontario. We fish either Wabigoon out of Dryden or Nestor Falls LOTW's. On LOTW's we fish between Nestor Falls and as far west as Blueberry islands/King Island area.

    We want to try something new and are considering the following:

    Tamarack Island Lodge out of Morson
    Birchdale Lodge - Eagle Lake
    Cedar Lake Island Lodge - Cedar Lake
    Keystone Lodge - Cedar Lake

    We bring our own boat and food. A plus for us is the occasional eater size pike. Of course we all want big Musky! My brother has got a few upper 40's fish, but is still looking to get his first 50. I'm really trying hard to put him in position to hit that!

    I'd appreciate any ones experienced thoughts with regards to these resorts. It appears from my research that each one has a pretty good reputation and we probably can't go wrong.

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    I saw an episode recently where Jim Saric did pretty well out of Tamarack. The area you are leaving was certainly one of my favorites, esp. Split rock point and that set of islands.... What time of year are you considering going? m

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