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Thread: Fishing boat project.

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    Fishing boat project.

    My wife received a Bluefin Spectrum 1606 console model fishing boat from her grandpa's estate. I would best describe it as a "project" boat. The wood is solid. the carpet is worn. The existing motor needs to be replaced as well as the trolling motor and electronics. I will accept any and all suggestions on bringing this boat back to life.


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    I'm so sorry for your family's loss, and happy that you gained a boat! From your brief description, it's hard to tell what suggestions you may be looking for? I don't usually like to post links to other web sites here, but if Steve allows, may I strongly recommend BassBoat Central's restoration page?

    Some real good stuff on here abt how to do you own carpet restoration. You are fortunate the wood is still solid, but before you get too excited you should remove the old carpet to be sure. Any areas you may then have doubts about should be replaced before installing new carpet.

    I restored my dad's 1978 BassTracker a while back (I even wrote an article on it for Muskie Magazine). I can send you the article if you wish. Stripped it down to the aluminum and went from there.
    I would check the condition of the wiring, especially the wires that run from the battery to the trolling motor, to be sure they are the gauge recommended by the manufacturer of the troller you decide to purchase. You local dealer or MotorGuide / MinnKota can recommend the proper size and pound thrust for your craft, and I think they both have sizing charts on their websites. Look for signs that critters may have been chewing, too.

    Check the batteries, have them load tested and be sure they have the right amount of water (use distilled, not tap or bottled water due to the mineral content). New outboards are costly and may not be economically practical for an older boat;, check BBC and other websites for used motors that may be for sale or local dealers who may have had someone trade-up.
    Don;t forget to have the trailer hubs and bearings inspected and serviced, check all the trailer wiring to be sure the lights work. The new LED trailer lights are great and don't blink out like bulbs do when you hit them during launching and loading (I've HEARD that can happen!).

    Then, you need to see what modifications you may need to make to turn it into a real Musky Hunter of a boat - trolling attachments, stereo, bait boxes and the like ( is a good start). Winter is a great time for a boat project, so have fun with it and do it in a way that would have made Grandpa proud. m

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikie View Post
    I don't usually like to post links to other web sites here, but if Steve allows, may I strongly recommend BassBoat Central's restoration page?
    Hmm, I'll be taking note of this as well for future reference.

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