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Thread: Revo Toro S or Revo Rocket

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    Revo Toro S or Revo Rocket

    I have the toro s 51 model, looking to buy a different handle. I was wondering if anyone with the 60/61 model could tell me the part number for the power handle from their spec sheet included with the reel? That would be great. If anyone has a toro rocket and has the part number for the paddle handle that would also be great. Tried to look on Abu's website but they do not have the newer reels listed. Thanks!

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    The Revo Toro S is a great musky reel. Very well built and seems just as sturdy as the Beast models.

    The power handle comes standard with the 60 size. I think this handle should fit a 50:

    Good luck!
    Steve Heiting

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