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Thread: Abu Garcia Veritas Toro

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    Abu Garcia Veritas Toro

    Does anyone have experience with this rod? I was wondering how "stiff" the 7'9 MH model was. I am looking for a bucktail rod. I recently bought an 8ft MH fenwick elite tech, and it was like a bass rod.... way too light. So if any could tell me about the 7'9 veritas toro that would be great. Or should I just get the 8ft H model? Thanks!

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    I have not used the 7 9 but I am using the 8 foot extra heavy and it seems to be extremely sensitive and it works for everything. I use it for bucktails Swimbaits and pretty much every thing else so I would try the 7 9 I actually caught a bullhead on a big swimbait and was able to feel the whole fight.

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