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Thread: New Mfg. Plant, Hundreds Of Jobs Coming To Milwaukee

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    RE: New Mfg. Plant, Hundreds Of Jobs Coming To Milwaukee

    >Shane, perfect example... who passed "combined
    >reporting"? Whose idea and who passed? do you not think
    >this had a huge impact?
    >Doyle doesn't want any company in this state that has a smoke
    >stack. He is a huge Global warming idiot. If its green he is
    >interested.. Back when Nissan wanted to come here and build a
    >plant, doyle didn't even spend one minute trying to get them
    >here. it was over 3000 jobs. Then you have the power plant
    >build in SW Wisc that would have created 2000+ jobs, but doyle
    >said it would have a negative impact on the ENV. This is what
    >i am talking about.
    >Taxes and then again FEE's the doyle has put forth. Fee's thru
    >the roof.. .These are nothing more than taxes.
    >then you combine that with his inititives like cap and trade
    >in Wisc and business' are running scared.


    You found a policy that you believe is anti-business but what companies either moved out of state or went out of business because of that? I am really trying to make the point that most of people's views on this topic (and others) are based on their personal political bias and not actual results on the ground - mine included.

    If I was going to argue the argument that Doyle was anti-business I would go straight to the tax code. The Tax Foundation has a Business Tax Climate Index that ranks states based on the amount of total taxes placed on a business. Wisconsin is 42nd on that list (that's bad). MN is 43rd and IA is 46th but IL is 30th so maybe its an upper midwest thing. Problem is WI is getting worse not better. So that's an anti-business argument.

    On the flip side since Doyle took over from the Thompson/McCallum administrations Wisconsin has dropped from the 4th highest taxed state (under a Republican administration) to 9th. Still too high but you can't credibly attack him in fiscal adminstration without being more vigourous vs. Republicans.

    My belief - both parties want bigger government but they just want different parts to be bigger.


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    RE: New Mfg. Plant, Hundreds Of Jobs Coming To Milwaukee

    I actually do run a manufacturing related business in the Milwaukee area, and while I have not been a big fan of the Governor, have been very supportive of Milwaukee's mayor, who in my opinion, might be the appropriate guy to give credit for these new jobs, along with what has been a magnificent redevelopment of the Menomonee Valley near Miller Park where this new plant will be built. I've watched as the mayor has worked to create jobs and lower violent crime here as well as trying to take control (at great political expense)of a hopelessly lost education system here in the city. I met with the guy, in fact, just last night and assured him that I was going to offer support in his quest for Governor. I am not a Republican nor a Democrat, don't care for what a sham the whole process has become, think most of them unfit for office....but recognize that you have to vote for somebody, or just squander the rights that folks have fought and died to provide for us. So, while this is a pretty conservative bunch, unlikely to back any sort of a Democrat, I remind you that Barrett has said (and proved) he stands for only five things: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.

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    RE: New Mfg. Plant, Hundreds Of Jobs Coming To Milwaukee

    Excellent, thoughtful post, Marty.

    And, I'd rather see 200 jobs come to Wisconsin than go elsewhere.

    However, political discussions don't belong in a boat, so they don't belong here.

    Steve Heiting

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