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Thread: Issues with my Calcutta 400d

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    Issues with my Calcutta 400d

    I got a new Calcutta this season and absolutely love it. During the winter I took it apart and cleaned everything up. I think I had put everything back the right way but am now having issues. Even with all breaks on and the tension knob as tight as it goes, the spool still feels way too loose. I've been getting backlashes because of this. I changed over the tension spool thinking it was that but am still haveing the same issue. It almost feels like none of the breaks are actually engaging. Has anyone had a similar issue with a reel? I very well may have put something back together wrong but I feel like I have triple checked everything and I am at a loss.

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    Without having looked over your shoulder as you reassembled the reel, and without being an expert on that particular model, it's impossible to guess what's wrong. I think the best bet is just to turn it over to somebody who fixes reels for a living. He'd probably be able to spot the problem in seconds, and you may even learn something about cleaning and reassembly for the future.
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