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Thread: Operate your Minn Kota trolling motor with your phone

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    I would be afraid that my wife would override the app on my phone and only allow me to troll to the launch.

    The foot pad comment made me laugh.

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    Back in the late 1990s, a buddy and I were on Vermilion when my PowerDrive's foot pedal died. It was midday and the fish weren't moving, so we set off to find a MK repair guy.

    I explained to the repair guy how the foot pedal acted before dying, and expected him to just give me a new one because that's what they did back home. Nope. He replaced, if I remember right, three different things in the foot pedal and it still wouldn't work. He finally plugged in a new pedal and voila, the TM worked again.

    The repair guy just flipped the new foot pedal into my boat, grabbed the old one, and never said another word.

    That's when I started carrying a spare foot pedal. Soon I carried a spare trolling motor in my truck when on long trips. The need for the spares ended in 2007 when MK went digital and added waterproof connections. I still carry a spare foot pedal every day and a spare TM on trips, but I have yet to use them.
    Steve Heiting

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