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Thread: gear ratio for an old man casting twin 10s

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob-bq View Post
    i just purchased a toro beast T2 BST60, 31 inches/crank, 4.9/1. hoping this will keep me on the electric longer, this is my first abu in 10 yrs, still have my original 6500 and 7000, will look at the lexa400 which is what has been on my radar for a few yrs
    looking forward to using it
    You can buy the Daiwa Lexa 400 reels substantially discounted on either eBay or Amazon. The 400 is pretty large, but to me perfect for most large musky baits. I still use the 300's for 10 inch Suicks, single-bladed bucktails, spinnerbaits, etc. Both 300 and 400 Lexa reels have really great drag systems, and magnetic cast control. Only thing they don't have is a clicker for sucker fishing. I use my old Abu 6500C's for live bait.

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    If you are interested, someone just posted a used Revo Toro Winch on Muskie First.

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