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Thread: Storing trolling lures

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    Storing trolling lures

    Does anyone rubber band the trebles together and just store them in a box?? I'm looking to free up some floor space and would like to ditch the hanging boxes or 5 gallon buckets I've been using

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    I put them in a couple big Plano trays. No rubber bands. Good enough for your favorite 15 or so.

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    There used to be something that mechanics put into their tool boxes so their tools wouldn't rust. It was bigger than a quarter but not bigger than a half dollar. I don't remember the name. Maybe someone else will.
    Here is another option
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    I a use Rust Inhibitor that i get from Menards. they come in a small plastic bag. they are paper cards, i guess you would say, and they are perforated so the sections of the card can be separated. i use 4 of them in a large plano musky box, spaced apart in the bottom of the box. they seem to work pretty well. keep the boxes closed as much as you can and change them every winter. i also put one section in my musky tool box, a plano 3730.

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