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Thread: Lund does nothing to help with rotten Transom

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    Lund does nothing to help with rotten Transom

    I wanted to see if any of you fellow musky nuts have had a bad dealing with Lund about a rotten transom. I'll tell you the long story in short. I am the second owner of my cherry 2002 Mr. Pike w/Honda 4 stroke 130hsp, Honda 4 stoke 8hsp kicker and Minnkota Ulterra 80lb trolling motor. I bought this boat from an elderly father back in 2007 that used the boat 5 times. When I bought it from him and his wife, the tires had flat spots and were dry rotted from sitting in the same place in his heated garage. The boat was absolutely in mint condition and I have done everything in my power to do the same since except I use it 20-30 days a year on our yearly trip to LOTW and a few weekends to Green Bay in the spring & fall. I've attached a picture of my boat that was recently taken. Look close and you'll see the buffer and wax behind my truck. I treat it like its a baby. Now the issue. I was taking it out of the water this year at LOTW and noticed that there was a 1/4"-1/2"inch gap between the motor and the transom. I immediately tightened it up and in doing so brown water was coming out as the bolts were getting snug. If I wanted to I could have cranked them straight thru the aluminum. Because of this I inspected other screws and saw they too were loose. I tightened them with the same exact result. Upon my return I took the boat to a local Lund Dealer that told me Lund had an issue with the older boats with rotting transoms and they would help out with the repair. He said he would contact them to see what they would do for me. After a week of no response from Waterwerks and a couple of voice mails from me, Waterwerks finally got thru to them but was told because I was the second owner of the boat and its age, they would not do anything for me. I wanted the repair to be done by a Lund dealer so I went ahead and had them repair it. $300 for the new Transom and $3000 for the repair. This all started on Aug2nd and I just got the boat back 2 weeks ago. The rear of the Gunnels had to be cut to get the old Transom out. It came out nicely as you will see in the photos but I'm still out $3300 bucks. I'm pretty pissed that Lund wouldn't even send me the new transom for free. I thought for sure the best largest aluminum boat manufacturer (so I thought) would do something to help the cause. Do you guys think I'm wrong for thinking they should've helped in some way? I'll be honest, it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I just hope the damn thing still floats! Let me know your thoughts.
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    I believe a stand-up company would have done something to help you out of your predicament. I'm not saying the repairs would have been completely covered, but at least done something for you in order to preserve their good name.

    The number of times that I have been disappointed by Lund is beyond imagination. For example, the gauge stopped working that is at the bow of my boat to indicate charge remaining in the trolling motor batteries - two years after I bought the boat. I took the boat in for winterization and had the Lund authorized dealer's mechanic replace the gauge with a Lund part, at my cost. I put the boat in storage a few days later. Guess what wasn't working when I took the boat out of storage the following spring? Lund did nothing for me. The gauge still doesn't work to this day.

    In my opinion, Lund is living on their reputation from year's ago. Guys will figure this out and make better decisions. If you want to amuse yourself, try calling Lund's customer service department. Good luck finding a phone number. If you can find a phone number, you will be greeted by a voice mail saying to leave a message and they will get back to you in five business days.

    Good fishing and tight lines!!

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    "I thought for sure the best largest aluminum boat manufacturer (so I thought) would do something to help the cause. Do you guys think I'm wrong for thinking they should've helped in some way?"

    I have a buddy who's Lund also had a rotted transom, which he had fixed at a local WI dealer... don't believe Lund helped him either.

    If the boat had been abused I could understand the poor performance, but seems that not many manufacturers extend beyond basic warranty, even when they have known product defect issues.

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    I have a 2004 Pro V 1900 and have had experience with Lund boats for years and love them. I have never had an issue and the local dealer here in Ohio has always been great. I did purchase my boat new and it is stored in-doors all the time. Sorry to hear of your bad experience.

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    That sucks what happened.

    My guess the reason Lund didn't stand behind the issue is because its not their fault if the dealer didn't seal the holes when they drilled into the transom. I'm sure that the dealer was instructed to always do this but may be a newby set up the boat or they put a rush job on it knowing it would be years before anything happens. If someone crashes your car, is the car company liable and if its a major company are they more liable because they are?

    I'm betting many reading this will head out to their garage and unbolt each bolt on the transom and check to see if this had been done and if not, put some silicon chalk in there prior to replacing the bolt.

    I had an issue with my floor on my Tuffy. When they injected foam below the deck, they forgot to reseal one injecting hole. This caused my floor to rot out. I probably could have asked Tuffy to fix it, but didn't know it was something they did until the carpet got pulled back. By then I had all the materials for fixing it and just did it right.

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    My 2007 Alumacraft

    My 2007 Alumacraft had a rotten transom this spring. Alumacraft repaired it at no cost to me. The key with them is, you have to be the original owner and there cannot be any electronics installed by me, only dealer installed. They installed their all aluminum transom, so no more worries of rotting wood!

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    Thumbs up 2000 ProV LE 1900 - Transom Replace

    I to am a second owner of a 2000 ProV LE Lund. Boat, motor and trailer has approximately 125 hours on it and is showroom condition. Good friend has a TYee 20 foot and noticed that his transom is caving in where the 225 hp Merc is bolted. After removing the motor and kicker, 57 screws/nuts, multiple wood screws, rivets and poly foam the rotted transom plywood came out in 5 pieces. I suspect mine will be the same! I notice the 200 hp Merc doing the same! Lund (if you can contact them) will not admit a problem. The do recommend a poly transom blank replacement at a $800 cost and 3-4 week delivery and the local dealer can do the replacement at an approximate $4-5K expense!

    Some research produces a different approach after removing the rotted wood and some pre prep. SeaCast poly pour chemical looks like the only way to repair and will not allow any water to leach back into the transom. If you replace the transom with any treated wood, drill any holes for the motor, retaining screws, equipment, hold downs (even if they and properly sealed) the water WILL leach back in and start this rotting process all over again!!! Think about this when your removing the rotted wood and how many times you would like to repeat this process?

    I'm disapointed in the Lund Company, their response to a very dangerous and expensive known problem. I will repair this problem myself and hopefully do a better job than the company can perform and move on to newer boat (different company) and know what to ask about what material is in the transom before purchasing.

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    My last boat was a 2000 Lund PRO V IFS and when I traded it in, the dealer informed me that the transom was found to be rotten when they inspected it. Wow I couldn't believe it. When I went back into their shop to look at it, sure enough, just as has been described here, slop in the mounting bolts. Also in their shop they had a big Tyee torn apart replacing the transom with SeaCast. He says it's pretty common with all of the major brands - Alumicraft, Crestliner, Lund - any with a wood transom. Strangely enough, he said usually they rot from the top down, indicating a poor job of sealing the top of the transom. Unfortunately, the owner/buyer is on the hook for the cost to repair. Took $2000 off my trade-in.

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