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Thread: Gear ratio help please!

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    Gear ratio help please!

    Hey all - new to this forum, and hoping for some advice. I have a quantum iron reel on a st croix mojo 7'6'' as my first musky rod. Love the combo, but would like to invest in a dedicated double 10's and 13's setup. I'm sure I'll end up getting the sling blade legend tournament, but the reel I am struggling with finding. I'm a leftie and I'd love a power handle, so that limits my options a bit (Tranx is out sadly)
    The Daiwa Lexa 400 has some good leftie options, but the slowest reel with a power handle is a 7.1:1. Am I right in saying that this will not be good choice for big blades? I've also noticed the new Lexa 400HD, but again the slowest is 7.1:1.
    Should I be finding a reel in a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio and speeding up my retrieve to burn these big blades? Or go for a higher ratio?
    If anyone has any suggestions on a good reel choice for burning big blades, I would appreciate it!

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    Okuma introduced their new Komodo 450 this week at ICast. They come in different gear ratios and handle options. I mention this because I have the smaller Komodo 350 with the 6.4:1 gear ratio and its a solid reel. Now I don't use it for double 10's but, perhaps the larger 450's will be good for that. Go onto TackleTour and click on the Okuma link. Also I do have the Lexa 400 with the 5.1:1 gear ratio and I use that for big blades and other large lures. It came with a power handle and I got called Daiwa in California and ordered a paddle handle. The point there is the paddle and power handles are interchangeable so you can order the handle want. If the Lexa 400 in 6.3:1 ratio only comes with the paddle handle you can order the power handle. Daiwa charged me $16.

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    First- The Tranx is the best option, learn to use a RH reel since lefty is not avail. , it doesn't take long to get used to- I switch from left to right all the time.
    Second- There are a few things (more than gear ratio) that determine speed and ease of reeling in hard pulling lures.
    The keys are a lot of line pick-up (big spool) per crank (30"+) with a longer sweep handle (power handle). generally the longer the handle-the easier it is to reel in.
    Third- Daiwa Lexa 400 w/power handle is available in a lefty that brings in 33" per crank. I have not used Lexa 400, but see people do for big blades. I would not expect durability like a Tranx has proven to have.
    Hope this helps some.

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