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Thread: Musky Nutz Thank You

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    Musky Nutz Thank You

    Hey Todd and Hunts great job running the show..

    Todd the pulled pork was AWESOME great job. Thanks to everyone who came and donated to a great cause. We raised $1,500 for Kinship of Tomahawk..
    Super fun

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    Thanks Wally! Glad you all had a good time and enjoyed the pig! Congrats to you for catching the winning fish at 40.5" and being the first two time winner! Also thanks a lot for the work you did gathering donations and helping us getting it organized.

    I'm glad everyone had a good time and I enjoyed seeing all the regulars and a couple new faces. The most important thing is that we raised $1500 for Kinship of Tomahawk which will be used for area kids. Thanks to all the people that donated items for the raffle and to Chad for allowing us to once again have the raffle at the Happy Snapper.

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    Howdy, another successful Tony Memorial. As mentioned above thanks to all who made this another great event. The weather was great, farmer's tans for everyone! Wally as the, 40.5 winner for a 2nd time. Thanks to all the sponsors who donated for the raffle table. All the Nutz who fished, came to eat and support, and all that spent their hard earned money to get us to the $1,500 donation mark. Todd the pulled pork was delicious, the beer was cold, and the skullpopper & Schnitzy were on ice to celebrate as always! Thanks so much and hope to see all and some new people to check out the fun next year!! Watch MH board in Jan again for details as they unfold for 2017!!

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