sorry if this has been beat to death, but...just saw Bob Benson speak at our CMH club mtg, and he mentioned importance of lure rotation in boat. example 3 people, front orange hair, middle black silver hair, back of boat topwater. And if front gets follow, you may consider switching orange front to become middle lure, because it was only a follow, and you need to keep switching front to find the "biter" lure, not follower lure.
I am guilty of mostly sticking with whats worked in the past, and especially if Im getting follows, but found it intriguing to switch lure on follows, making educated changes to find the "biter" lure. (Bob Bensons talk was great, anything I got wrong or misunderstood is totally my mistake). I would love to hear thoughts on lure choice progression decisions with one or two people in the boat. Good luck to all this season!