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Thread: Women find men holding fish in profile pics to be attractive

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    Women find men holding fish in profile pics to be attractive

    A slow day in the office, and then this press release crosses my desk ... looks like they didn't test muskies, but juvenile carp rate low with eligible females.

    Love at First Bite? – Research reveals the lure of holding fish in Tinder profile photographs

    An analysis of the photos used by young Florida men (aged between 18-35) as their primary profile image within dating app, Tinder, reveals that 22% choose to include one featuring themselves with a recently caught fish. In response to its audit of the prevalence of reeled-in fish on Tinder, FishBrain ( – the world’s largest free-to-use app and social network for anglers (with over 1 million US users) – surveyed the members of an American sorority to assess whether proximity to a fish in Tinder profile photos really does make a man appear more of a catch to women, and, if so, which fish a man should hold in order to appear most attractive.

    This anonymized online survey of over 1000 members of the Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi) sorority, conducted during November and December 2015 by FishBrain, reveals that 46% of young American women (in their late teens and early- to mid-twenties) find Tinder photos of men holding a fish more attractive than those of men without.

    Those young women who considered a man with a fish attractive were then presented with a series of anonymized real-life images of potential dates posing with 10 different types of fish, and asked to select their favourite. Nearly a quarter of respondents selected a photo featuring the great northern tilefish as the most alluring and complimentary to its (apparent) catcher.

    For the full results, and to take the test, go to:

    Number of men who hold a fish in their Tinder profile:

    • In Florida: 22%
    • In San Francisco: 10%
    • In Chicago: 8%
    • In New York: 5%
    • In Washington: 3%
    • In London: <1%


    • 46% preferred dating photos with men holding fish.
    • 54% preferred dating photos with men not holding fish.

    For those who indicated that they considered men with fish to be attractive, the most to least
    attractive fish to hold were:

    • Great Northern Tilefish: 21%
    • Sailfish: 18%
    • African Pompano: 16%
    • Red Grouper: 12%
    • King Mackerel: 9%
    • Amber Jack: 8%
    • American Red Snapper: 8%
    • Hog Fish: 5%
    • Barracuda: 3%
    • Juvenile Common Carp: <1%

    Johan Attby, CEO of FishBrain, comments: “In the US, many men choose angling photos as their dating app profile picture, and we are naturally keen to celebrate this phenomenon and encourage pride in the world’s most popular hobby. Dating app photos are bringing angling upstream and into the mainstream, so by polling the sorority, we are trying to help single anglers increase their chances of being considered a hot catch.”

    Most attractive: Great Northern Tilefish
    The hottest catch for a sorority sister was a man with the large, ostentatious great northern tilefish, with nearly a quarter of women finding men holding a tilefish the most attractive profile. Often growing well over a 3.5ft (1m) long, and weighing up to 65lb (30kg), the great northern tilefish also has a beautiful metallic gold, blue and pink skin, and can be found along the east coast of USA and around the Mexican Gulf. It could be interpreted that its presence in a man’s Tinder photos marks him as not only a man of means, but also of taste and distinction.

    Honourable Mention: Sailfish

    Least attractive: Juvenile Common Carp
    The humble juvenile carp is the least romantically impressive fish for a man to hold, with less than 1% of the sorority’s vote. Common in freshwater lakes and large rivers across Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia, and usually around a length of 4-6in (10-15cm), a diminutive young common carp is unlikely to help woo a woman, suggesting that, in aquatic world at least, perhaps size does matter.
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    It really was a slow day at the office! I wonder, if the ladies could have smelled the man after holding the fish, would they still find him attractive? Cats probably would be attracted. Felines would, I don't know about females. If any man says he does know about females, he is grossly mistaken(; Yep, it's a slow day here, too.
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