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Thread: Forecast for Summer 2016

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    Forecast for Summer 2016

    I was wondering what you all think the summer of 2016 will be like from a seasonal progression/pattern perspective. I suspect that there will be an early spring and the lakes will be "ahead" of a normal schedule. But I know a lot of factors affect seasonal progression. I am especially interested in Sabaskong Bay on LOTW and have the following questions:

    - When will the first bloom appear?
    - When was the earliest bloom in the past?

    I know the fish can be caught in the bloom, but I will be fishing a new area of LOTW to me, and prefer to learn that section of the lake without bloom so I can avoid hitting rocks.


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    Hi Brian:

    I haven't fished Sabaskong in years, but as I recall it typically blooms up before the rest of the lake.

    Now, that said, some years the lake develops almost no bloom. Opening Day is five months off and there's a lot that can happen weather-wise between now and then, so I'm not even going to pretend to predict this.
    Steve Heiting

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