I have an 8'6" H mojo musky rod that I'd like to pair up with a good reel. I would like to get something that can pull 1.5-3+oz crankbaits (deep and shallow running), large and small Bucktails, and reg bulldawgs. I've done some research and was looking at either the Abu Garcia revo toro winch or the revo toro nacl but I'm not sure if this lower gear ratio of the winch is right for what I wanna throw? I initially thought the winch was the way to go but now I'm starting to wonder if the lower gear ratio will give me trouble when trying to throw smaller blades and smaller crank baits? But the price of the winch is a little more around my budget so I'm hoping it's the right one for the job? I don't plan on throwing too many top waters or jerkbaits with this rod. I know there's a ton of threads of people asking for help with rod/reel setups (which ive spent hours reading) but Im getting close to pulling the trigger on buying one and I could really use some advice...please help!