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Thread: The Simple Truth?

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    I think I'd have to agree with Al's assessment, but it's what you do with the days you're given that makes the difference.

    Catch a couple on the poor days (these bites often occur around the moon or weather changes), or you keep a nipper pinned until it gets to the net, and add those fish to what you get on the average/good days, and pretty soon you've had a great week. Figure out the pattern early on the better days and instead of two or three you get five to 10.
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    I would also agree with this overall. Another variable to throw in would be differences in activity from lake to lake. For example, Would 2 days of active fishing on the Flowage be the same 2 days that fish are active on Trout lake? Perhaps. Perhaps not

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    I definitely think that different lakes would be a variable. Like you mentioned those two lakes would have completely different activity levels on a good day, average day or poor day. But, the point still is that any lake will have the two good days three average days and two poor days each week.

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