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Thread: Pincher Lake

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    Pincher Lake

    I will be fishing Pincher with the kids in late July for a day. I am looking for some info:

    1. The only map I have is an outline of the shoreline, with no depth markings. I also have a google earth image. Are there any more detailed maps?

    2. Are there any navigation hazards (rock/tree) to look out for?

    3. What is the water clarity?

    Any other general info on the fishing is appreciated. PM me if preferred.

    dunnot. dut da dunnot...

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    Hi Brian:

    I presume you're discussing Pincher Lake north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario. I've never been there, but from what I understand the water is clear, the fish will be shallow, and you'll have no trouble catching lots of muskies 28-36 inches. I think it may also have smallmouth bass in it.

    When I've done fly-ins, the pilot has always provided a quick overview of the lake and any potential hazards because it's a hassle for the flying service, too, if you damage the gear.

    Have fun and good luck.
    Steve Heiting

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