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Thread: Indian Lake on the Indian Chain

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    Indian Lake on the Indian Chain

    I am looking for some info on Indian Lake on the Indian Chain in Canada. I have the following questions:

    1. I found the lake map on Are there any more detailed maps than this?

    2. Are there any navigation hazards (rock/tree) not marked on the map?

    3. What is the water clarity?

    4. What is the general pattern for midsummer (weed/rock/tree/open-water, deep/shallow)?

    5. What lure size/type is best? Some people have said that small lures work better. But, I was thinking of throwing #7 and #8 blades and medium sized lures.

    Any info is appreciated.

    dunnot. dut da dunnot...

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    Hi Brian:

    I've only fished Indian in October, and not in about 7-8 years, so I can start this but not answer all of your questions ...

    That lake map is accurate. Indian is a pretty easy water to navigate. I know of no mid lake reefs. There might be a few boulders off the points that aren't marked, but you're going to fish them anyway. The island has boulders around it but you'll want to fish it, too. As when fishing anyplace in Canada, don't run tight to any shoreline.

    There are stumps and trees in the channels between lakes, but as I recall the channels were marked. The water is fairly clear.

    As for fishing patterns, I can only speculate so I won't.
    Steve Heiting

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