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Thread: Crazy Lure!

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    Crazy Lure!

    As a joke I took two spoons (not fishing spoons, but actual spoons for eating) and drilled a hole at the top of the handle for a split ring, and another at the bottom of the bowl for a 5/0 treble hook. As the fishing week went on and not much was happening in the way of catching, I told my son I was switching to a spoon, so I put the goofy thing on my leader and caught three silver bass and had a really nice Musky follow all within about 2 hours. My son, who originally thought I was crazy and almost laughed me out of the boat, soon had the other spoon on his line. I didn't take the spoon off my line for the final day of fishing, but didn't boat any other fish. I'll say this, it sure was easier to crank in compared to some of those double 10 cowgirls and for whatever reason, it saw much more action. Who knew?

    What started out as a joke is making me thing a little. I'm starting to wonder what other wackiness I might be able to come up with at almost no cost at all (Walmart has a 4 pack of these stainless spoons for $0.88)


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    cut off the handle of the spoon ,, drill a hole at the top of the spoons bowl (opposite end of the hook) install a split ring for the leaders snap and give that a try --- good stuff ------ jimjimjim

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    add a knife and fork and it will be "done like dinner".

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    As legend goes, this is how the original wobbling spoon came to be. Somebody dropped a spoon into a lake, saw it flash as it sank, and a fish hit it. Next thing you know a spoon was cut down and a hook was added. Voila!
    Steve Heiting

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    That's awesome, I never knew that. I'd have to say, the full spoon is pretty effective as well. And, from the "I can't afford all these Musky lures," department, not a bad cheep alternative to a real fishing spoon.

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    Good grief! Next somebody will be trying a corn cob!
    "All men are equal before fish". - Herbert Hoover

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    That wouldn't be a bad way the catch carp Thanks lpmaure

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    Homer LeBlanc caught them on spoons, knives, forks, and even a chicken bone. Fun stuff.

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