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Thread: Border Crossing with Kids

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    Border Crossing with Kids

    I will be crossing the border at International Falls with my teenage children. Besides passports, what else will I need to prepare for the border crossing? I did a Google search, but I get somewhat different answers. I was wondering if anyone has any experience on this. Thanks!


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    It is a good idea to have a letter from your spouse telling it is ok for you to leave the country with a minor. Unfortunately, in today's day and age child abduction is an issue. I had my wife sign the letter with a notary witness so there was no question while crossing the border.

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    Several years ago, my teenage daughter and wife went to London. They encountered difficulty for the reason that the previous post mentioned. I ended up having to send a fax with a copy of my passport to the airport, giving my permission for my daughter to leave the country. The notarized permission letter is now standard procedure for our family. The letter can include things such as: date of travel into Canada, date of return to the United States, destination, authorization for medical treatment, medical and dental insurance policies and the like.

    You might want to chat in advance with your children to make sure they understand that you will do the talking at the border. They only speak should the border services officer directly ask them a question.

    I hope that you and your children make some great memories together!

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