Research Corner: Creel data LOTW
Musky catch data provided by anglers reveals that Lake of the Woods presentation.
By Steve Pallo

Research Corner: Genetics
While all the answers are not known, this research sheds light on how stocking influences musky populations.
By Jordan Weeks

My Biggest In A Figure-8
Joe's story about his biggest figure-8 fish is replete with lessons for all.
By Joe Bucher

September: The Forgotten Month
This may change what you previously believed about prime time on Lake of the Woods.
By Spence Petros

Weed Whacking
When muskies won't come out of the weeds to play, you need to go in and get them.
By Steve Heiting

Speed Limits
Before you change lures, change speed. Something that simple may be just what the muskies want.
By Jim Saric

Pinpoint Musky Activity Levels
Individual muskies may only be active for brief periods each day. Learn to predict when these times will occur.
By Tom Gelb

Leader Of The Pack
The author's hybrid leader system combines stealth with near-invincibility.
By Gregg Thomas

Pressure Points
Add new techniques and lures to your arsenal, and apply them correctly.
By Mike Hulbert

Old School Muskies
It's easy to get wrapped up in new stuff and forget your roots. However, old school tactics still work.
By Tony Grant

7 Steps To New Water
Anyone can quickly learn to fish new water.
By Mike Lazers