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Thread: Refinishing Advice

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    Refinishing Advice

    I have some hardwood creek chubs that desperately need new paint jobs. What patterns/paint type should I use?

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    I have always liked the wiggle of the Creek Chub Pikie since I was a kid. Something about it looks right, and I used to catch a lot of fish on them.

    Regarding patterns, you can't go wrong with perch, sucker, tullibee/cisco, fire tiger, and the original brown pikie/walleye/baby musky patterns. I used to do a lot of business with the perch pattern years ago.

    Regarding paint type -- there are much more qualified individuals than I who use this board who can answer that.
    Steve Heiting

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    If you are not spray painting, I just use a simple enamel. I am lucky because I have a friend in the auto repair business and when he is painting clear coats, I take some of my finished lures to him and he puts on the clear coat finish for me. The auto clear coat is rock hard and no water gets in.

    I have never messed with the epoxy but in the old days neither did the lure makers, sometimes the baits worked better as they got water logged.

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    Tom Stinson Customs. Tom does amazing work and can bring your lures back to life in ways you wouldn't think possible. I have also hired local tattoo artists. those guys are true artists and their talent is amazing.

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