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Thread: Meses toads uses soses!

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    RE: QB

    Most of those Rogers years were waitng behind old #4. So get your crap straight for once.

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    RE: Meses toads uses soses!...

    >One thing to remember about the team that won the Super Bowl,
    >it had the number 1 defense in the NFL. The offense was not
    >number 1. That game was put away with big plays from LeRoy
    >Butler and Reggie White. Not taking anything away from Favre,
    >but give credit where credit is due. Of course if you are not
    >a football fan but rather a Favre fan, blather on.

    AMEN! ...and who was MVP of that game again? hint...not brent! That's pretty much the ONLY way brent would ever win another big one. Have the defense completely shut down the other team and give brent unreal field position thanks to great special teams play...that was the story of that Superbowl win. That was NOT a "special" game by brent in any way shape or form.

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