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Thread: Commercial Spinnerbait Modification

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    Commercial Spinnerbait Modification

    Many Musky spinnerbaits come with silicone or rubber skirts, zip tied in with cable ties.

    The nice thing about this is, they cut easy and strip clean, in seconds.

    For those interested.

    Here is a Grinder, I strip'ed put in the vice and retied with buck tail, hackle and flash…………..rather than zip tying a skirt of rubber,silicone,etc……………………….. along with adding couple extra coats on the head

    Personal touches typically brings a bit of welcome angling mojo on the water.

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    Nicely done!

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    Hey thanks bb ……………
    Have a good one

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    Well done! This could become a winter hobby for you. If you showed this on the. muskie first web site under the basement bait section you wpuld receive a lot of praise and encouragement.
    Its really exciting when you see a big one grab your creation. i am sure all serious fishermen modify their lures one way or the other.

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    Nice mod! With the colors you chose for the body, a gold, copper or black blade would make this bait a real killer.
    "All men are equal before fish". - Herbert Hoover

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    Very nicely done! As someone above already said, it's quite rewarding to stick a nice fish on a bait that you made yourself. I also make quite a few spinnerbaits and in-lines during the winter that feature tied hair, hackle and other accents. I come up with baits that are customized for specific applications. This past winter's project featured in-lines with flashabou accent, bucktail and squirrel tail.

    Many commercial producers have switched to man-made materials that are quickly attached to a lure and then zip-tied. I sense that hair and hackle type baits are slowly (maybe quickly?) becoming a thing of the past. I'm very glad to see that you are keeping classics alive and well.

    Again, very nicely done! Good luck with those baits.....

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    I have been a fly tier for decades and tied commercially for a bit in the 90's. When I was a teenager, here on my local lake, which I still live, I made a little extra pocket money tying up Walleye & Musky Hair jigs for the local shops………………..I think in hindsight they were just being kind to me.
    I like naturals and synthetics …………….sometimes a combo is the best.
    On safety pin's I do like the Starflash Silicone skirts with trailers yet, on inlines, it seems I can't stomach anything but buck tail naturals highlighted at the most with flash a bou.
    If you like to tie natural materials and do swim jigs, order some fin raccoon zonker strips from a online flyshop, Cabela's etc…………..very easy to tie, extremely mobile……they make some wild Musky/Pike swim jigs and great Walleye jigs downsized to 5", black leech.
    I didn't build/form that Grinder, it is a shop purchased Pearson's Grinder 1oz. Well built but, I didn't like the skirt in the water after fishing and one evening with a good cup of freshly ground coffee, I tossed it in the vice and puttered.

    LP - good eye, your right, I agree. I will put a hammered/peened copper or gold willow on it of the same size.


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    Nice job on the spinner! I have rescued old Mepps by tying hair or marabou. The thing I like about marabou and flashabou is that they are easy to cast into the wind. Hair grabs the wind but holds shape in the water. There is nothing like tricking one on a bait you make.

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