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Thread: Need help on a local lake..

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    Need help on a local lake..

    I want to fish a local lake this fall for ski's, but dont know where to start.

    The lake is small/shallow not much for structure . alot of vegetation in the summer out to about 12'. the lake holds alot of freshwater drum, panfish,some bullhead and walleye, but not much els that i know of for muskie food.

    I have fished a few times this summer without much luck but did not try hard. This fall i would like to try a bit harder. i know there is some 50+ inchers in there. I dont know where to start and what to use in the fall. anyone know what i should try first on a lake like this? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Local Lake suggestions

    If there is an area with a west facing sandy beach fronted with vegetation in front of it I would work that area hard with a bucktail just above the weeds. Simmilarly a topwater or bouyant jerkbait worked over the weeds can be very dramatic! This is not my idea but yes it works because the sand absorbs the sun and the baitfish move in followed by you know who. Dick Pearson is the one who pointed this out.I only can say it that it works.
    I popped a decent ski a personal best doing this first time out on Lake of the Woods and this was not the first time we caught a fish there. It worked last year and the previous year.

    A second thought is to look for ambush points around a stream or tributary that feeds your lake and fish them hard. Your water has to come from somewhere and the area attracts baitfish.

    Hope this helps and good luck


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    Laker offers some good advice.

    I've fished a lot of lakes in northern Wisconsin like you describe. Even if the lake doesn't have much for structure or features, the fish are still going to use what they've got. At this time of year, as the weed start to die, the muskies commonly will move out of the weeds but will be close. Any hard bottom flats outside of the weeds will be dynamite right now, and if you get a warm, sunny fall day don't overlook the weeds themselves. If the weeds end at 12', this hard bottom area will usually be 15-18'. Later, as the water temp drops into the 40s and lower you should start checking the secondary breaklines where the water drops to the deepest in the lake.

    With fish holding deeper and the water colder, you need to do fish more slowly and give the fish time to react to your presentations. In Wisconsin, this is a prime situation for live bait (usually suckers). Also, crankbaits, Suicks and Bobbies, gliders, soft plastics, and jigging can be effective.

    Here is a link to an article I wrote a few years back about fishing fall muskies according to water temp:

    Good luck.
    Steve Heiting

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    Thanks for the reply's!

    I have done all my muskie fishing up north on wig waters like lake of the woods, vermillion and others. so this little mud lake is hard for me to figure out.

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