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Thread: Eagle Lake, Osbourne Bay

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    Eagle Lake, Osbourne Bay

    New to the MH site and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some information about the Osbourne Bay area on Eagle Lake. My dad and I are heading up there the end of July for 10 full days. If email would be more descrete that would work for me. Just some general info on lures etc would be helpful.

    Thank you ...Steve

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    I have spend quite a bit of time in Osbourne Bay.
    That time of year don't be afraid to fish in heavy slop or very shallow weeds especially if its a cold front. Reeds can be good also. Black spinnerbaits with orange blades are good. If the weeds aren't to heavy throw a suick in them also, 3 colors of Suicks were good to me there the all Orange one with black dots was good when it was cloudy. sunny the all chartruse one with black dots and one that has a gold top and orange belly were top producers. I use the 10" weighted
    Throw some topwater also, Top Raiders, One eyed willys and husky or Magnum hawg wobblers are good.
    Don't be afraid to fish very small patches of weeds, my biggest Osbourne fish came out of a patch of weeds the size of our boat. It followed a Suick 3 times that day, we came back on it right at sunset and got it to eat a magnum hawg wobbler it was 52.5"
    If you are fishing a little deeper weeds Spanky Fireballs in Black with orange or Nickle blades, Black copper pearl with copper blades, Bluegill with one gold one chartruse blade were all very good there. Twitching Firetiger or black and gold prism 9" grandmas or 10" jakes has been good also.
    A Firetiger MX9 or 10" believer ripped threw heavy cover or banged into rocks will get you fish also.
    If its been very hot for extended periods of time and the big fish are not in the weeds, fish some of the deeper rock reefs or other deep rock structure. Throw some magnum bulldawgs in walleye with orange tails, Cisco or Black with orange tails. 9" Grandmas ripped down are good also
    Good Luck,
    Jeff Hanson
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    Hey Jeff,

    This is great info. Have you been there during the end of August? If so, what do you do differently than July? I may have a chance to get on Eagle for the first time this year, we'd be staying in Osbourne Bay. What maps are best for that part of the lake?


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