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Thread: reposting old bay of quinte post

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    reposting old bay of quinte post

    ! I am heading to the Bay of Quinte area on the St Lawrence River the last week of this June. I know the pros catch monsters every fall trolling deep in this region but I am trying to figure out the best plan of attack for my June trip. With the late spawn over and all the deep water around, is trolling still my best bet? I would love to hear all your opinions and experiences with regards to depths, lures, and habitat to try. Thanks in advance. Greg

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    I know there are musky in the Quinte area (part of Lake Ontario, not St Lawrence) but the fall monsters are usually caught in the River close to Wolfe Island and Howe Island areas. The muskys are off the spawn just in the last few weeks in this area and likely recovering. That being said, areas tied into the spawning bays will likely be the best bet for you. Fishing in Quinte can be quite good - walleye, northerns and bass are plentiful but few if any target musky. Most will troll using inline boards and do well. Keep in mind there is a 2 rod limit here, not 3 like the US waters close by. This is a highly scrutinized area by authorities as well so make sure you have all safety gear with you and are abiding by the regulations for conservation or sport license systems. You are very likely to be checked and fines are big if you are out of compliance.

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