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    hello ... has anyone tried the bucktail cowgirl and showgirl? as they are?: Confused:

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    I doubt it. I always use mine with a leader and line attached to that, but not as they are. I did try it with a Ghosttail and it sunk to the bottom never to been seen again. That was the last time I used a bucktail as it are.

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    I typically don't. I use a 100lb 12" fluorocarbon leader with mine due to Muskie teeth cutting through my power pro 80lb line. A little tip: if your fishing tall shallow weeds for 'Skis take a golf ball and place it between the two blades. Form a cupping motion with your hands and form the blades around the golf ball. This will actually help the bait slap down more weeds in front of it so it doesn't get fouled up while retrieving.

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