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Thread: My New Boat is in!!

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    My New Boat is in!!

    So I wasn't overly happy with my 1810 Predator. I wanted a tiller initially but the wife had talked me out of it and that is what I ended up with.

    Coming from a ZX 190 Skeeter I wasn't happy with the much narrower beam. Also while I loved the tackle storage, the rod storage ended up being a bigger problem than I thought it would be.

    If I was a strict Musky only guy it would have been the perfect boat. Easy to fish 3 out of, great tackle storage, and serviceable rod storage.

    But I also bass and walleye fish, and the wife likes catching crappies.

    So I ordered what I originally wanted. A 1725 Pro Guide. It is a foot wider, and no console in the way. It has a center rod locker ( a big plus for me), and side storage just like the Predator. I could only put a 75 HP on it, but with the size of the lakes in Northern Wisconsin that shouldn't be much of a factor.

    I do a week in Canada every year, and a fall trip to either Green Bay or Vermillion as well. I figure if the Predator could handle that water, teh Pro Guide can too. Now I just have to wait for the 12 foot Talon to come in, Hopefully early April as I already took the 10th off to get it out for the maiden voyage.

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    Sounds like you got the perfect boat for what you want. I got a new Lund back in 2003 and I still have it and love it. I got the Pro Sport for the family when I really wanted a Pro V. I figured I would get a new one by now, but my money situation says otherwise. Looks like you have a great start to the 2014 fishing season. Enjoy it!

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    I have an 1810 Predator and love it. I am only a musky fisherman and wish the rod storage went up to 9'. I also go to Vermilion a couple weeks a year and I would like a heavier boat for those 2 weeks, but I would not be able to get into some of the WI lakes I regularly fish if I had a heavier boat.

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