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Thread: Tuffy Esox Magnum question

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    Tuffy Esox Magnum question

    I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of a 1998 Tuffy Esox Magnum Tiller? Also, where is the fuse panel/electrical panel located on a 1998? I have seen pictures of a 1995 and I didn't see the fiberglass electrical panel in back but I also saw a picture of a 1999 and the fiberglass electrical panel was there. So can anyone provide a picture of a 1998? Also, is the two storage compartments up front on a 1998? one for batteries and one for storage? Any details and pictures on the 1998 tuffy esox magnum tiller would be appreciated. thanks

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    If you don't get any response on this forum, you might try this one:
    should take you to the boat and motor forum. somebody there surely has the Tuffy you're asking about.

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