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Thread: Northern Wisconsin this Weekend

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    Northern Wisconsin this Weekend

    Looks like a cold, overcast, windy weather.
    I have about a 6 hour window to go tomorrow morning and will be on a 300 acre lake at 5AM. What is your go to lure set during this kind of weather pattern change?
    My plan was to have on a 7" weighted Suick, #7 Buchertail, a shallow raider, and a manta.

    What do you guys lean towards?

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    we would choose, smaller baits and slower presentation. look for a fish holding close to structure and or cover...

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    A sucker on a quick strike rig would not be out of the question, it is going down to 48* tonight.

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    get in the soup and rip-twitch a baby dr, spinnerbait or suick ...

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    I was out for a couple of hours late yesterday afternoon on a small and shallow lake... had one quick strike on a small surface bait... probably a small bass. No musky or pike action on either the surface bait over weeds or a spinnerbait around the outside edge.

    Will be out later today, noting water temps yesterday had dropped from around 80 a early in the week to 68-69 near the surface. I suspect by tomorrow we'll be looking at mid-60's in the morning on smaller lakes.

    The forecast is for low-mid 70 highs and 50's for lows (after tonight) all week, so it looks as though we're getting our late August weather now. I'd suspect weeds should be getting used.

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