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Thread: Really Good Service Experience

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    Really Good Service Experience

    In a way, this sort of betrays me for still being "some kind" of a bass guy, but I've seen some posts recently about getting a manufacturer to stand behind baits. While, I almost never buy on-line, choosing instead to support the "brick and mortar" bait shops, there are some bass baits I simply just MUST HAVE and are not sold anywhere near me. One of these is the Vision OneTen suspending jerk bait by Megabass. So, in my bestest, most professional and intelligent fashion, I left a tray with about $150.00 worth of these out in the hot sun recently until they literally swelled up and busted at the seams. Well, I knew it was totally my fault, but I boxed them up and sent them to The Hook-Up in Arizona where I had just bought them online. I enclosed a letter clearly stating that I had, in deed, left them out to bake in the sun, but hoped maybe I could get some kind of pity shown. They called, told me they had called Megabass about it, and the factory had authorized them to send out free replacements. The box came today, all brand new baits, no charge to me--not even for shipping. I've also visited the store in person and bass fished there with their guide staff. So, for those of you who also are into bass fishing...this was some really good treatment!

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    Good to hear of a company that goes above and beyond.

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    i cannot say the same for a few baits that i have had problems with !
    i have broken several and emailed them about it to never even get a reply back from tech department or anything.
    i even included that i would pay for replacement parts.
    consider yourself lucky to have found a reputable company and for sure they have made you a lifetime customer with very little expense.

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